YPT is proud to offer student placements throughout the year. Our high school co-operative education program integrates students into the theatre environment, which helps them build essential skills that are transferable to many fields of study. Students are often tasked with hands-on front of house duties, but they also have the opportunity to work in other departments in order to get a broader picture of the theatre as a whole.

Our Community Volunteer Manager, Norah O’Donnell sat down with our co-op team and asked them a few questions.

Norah: Tell us about yourself in a tweet? (in 140 Characters or less!)

Cole:  I’m an amateur actor, bookworm, stage manager, canoe tripper and photographer. What I lack in height I make up for in creativity.

Jeremy: I like to collect cat antiques and Doctor Who figurines. A human bed burrito, Bedrito. My hobbies are writing and nagging at children. I am basically equivalent to a 64-year-old Punk Granny.

Lauren: I am a 5’4 Aquarius, cat lover who happens to drive a smart car, is pee-your-pants funny, and is best friends with my Granny.

 Yahya: I love to paint landscapes, be funny, always the “I’ll be there if you need me” person. I want to become an actor for film. I also love to write music.

Norah: Why were you interested in completing your co-op placement at a theatre?

Cole:  I have spent almost 10 years of my life as a student at the Drama School here at YPT and I really wanted to give back as well as have a chance to broaden my skills in the theatre. I thought the co-op program would be a perfect fit.

Jeremy: I have been associated with YPT for a year and a half prior to my co-op. It is always a blast being here. YPT has helped me to excel in my goals, as well as inspired me to be someone who is willing to work and teach children of all age groups.

Lauren: Being involved with the performing arts my entire life, I was wanting to find some real life experience that combined my love for theatre with my love of teaching.

Yahya: I was interested in completing my placement here because YPT is where I used to come when I was a kid. I thought it would be fun to learn what else they have to offer and gain a higher understanding of the theatre world.

Norah: What is one thing you want to share about YPT?

Cole:  YPT is such an amazing and supportive community. The shows are wonderful and the Drama School is a great place to really find yourself.

Jeremy: One thing that I would like to share about YPT is the opportunities that they have for children and teenagers interested in learning or improving in theatre. The classes here are beautifully coordinated and well thought out for children, but also tackle more difficult tasks for teenagers.

Lauren: YPT continues to teach the youth of the impact that theatre can have on your life. As they help them gain confidence, explore their creativity all while secretly learning, shhhhh!

Yahya: YPT is the best place to be if you have a creative, fun mind.

Norah: Other than schoolwork, what keeps you busy?

Cole:  Definitely stage crew and running my blog.

Jeremy: Ha, good joke. Schoolwork doesn’t keep me busy. Just kidding I am drowning in work at the moment. I like to keep my weekdays busy and my weekends as my sleeping days. Two times a week I volunteer at YPT. Outside of volunteering, I like to spend my time seasonally. For example, it is autumn as well as October, so ya know I gotta get all cuddled up in a warm blanket and watch some spooky spooks movies for Halloween.

Lauren: Currently I am living the part-time employment life, making me a student by day and a barista by night. So I can not only write you an 8-paragraph comparative essay, but also make a stellar latte, just saying. However, when I’m not ruling the world of high school or coffee, I sleep. Like a lot. Anytime. Any place. It’s like a talent.

Yahya: The thing that keeps me busy is hanging out with friends, writing music and playing sports.

Norah: What are 3 things you couldn’t live without?

Cole:  I couldn’t live without my cat, a good book and chocolate.

Jeremy: Water. Air. Food. In a non-realistic approach, I guess I probably could not live without good friends, love and art.

Lauren: Coffee, duh.  My family, because who else is going to laugh at my jokes even when they’re not funny? And money, because I don’t think people will be as willing to accept monopoly money for a burger.

Yahya: Three things I couldn’t live without is my family, Wi-Fi and friends.

To find out more about YPT’s co-op opportunities, click here.