by Marjie Chud

Barnyard Animals and Sounds

1. Intro: Good Morning Train and Hokey Pokey (2 min)

2. Stretch: in animal roles: giraffes (hands high for neck), elephants (bend swinging trunks), bird (flapping wings), bunnies (hopping), mouse (wiggle nose), spider (hands wiggle) (3 min)

3. Song: show pictures as we sing and have them guess what the animals are (5 min)
Sing to “Wheels on the Bus”
The pig on the farm says oink. . .oink. . .oink
Oink. . .oink. . .oink, oink. . .oink. . .oink
The pig on the farm says oink. . .oink. . .oink
All night long

4. Repeat with sheep, mouse, cat, dog, horse, cow, rooster, duck.

5. Story: Barnyard Banter by Denise Fleming, with sound effects (5 min)

6. Guided Play/Drama: Divide children up into different animals and go on a quest OR have the caregivers be the animals and children go find them – if too young, role play animals (5-10 min)

7. Picture Matching: (5-10 min)
• Using pictures of animals, associate them with sounds in a matching game.
• Spread them on the floor and make a sound/action and the children have to run to the animal that matches the sound.

8. Craft: Make paper plate masks for pig, duck or cow (10 min)

9. Sing: Using masks to guess who they are: (To “Frere Jacque”) (5 min)

Are you listening, are you listening?
To the pig, to the pig?
Hear the pig calling, hear the pig calling.
Oink, oink, oink. Oink, oink, oink.

10. Goodbye song (2 min)

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