Highlights of YPT’s Artist Educators Training in 2016. Video by Ali Sultani.

The deadline to register for YPT’s Artist Educators Training is right around the corner (Friday, Jan. 20 at 4:30pm)! The training sessions on Feb. 2 & 3, 2017 are open to all artists interested in arts education who have a desire to further develop their skills through practical training.

“I realized what a privilege it was to be in a room of 30 awesome people who knew things I didn’t, and were also willing to share them with me. You didn’t need to be an expert in any particular area of arts education. You just had to come with a willingness to learn more and share your thoughts.”

– YPT RAE Mark Kreder on the Artist Educators Training at YPT in Sept. 2016. See his full reflection here.

See program details below. To register, click here.

Artist Educators Training Poster

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