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Q&A with Come From Away’s IRENE SANKOFF & DAVID HEIN

We recently chatted with the award-winning creators of Come From Away, Irene Sankoff and David Hein, about how they got started in the industry and where they find inspiration.

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Q&A with Music Theatre Experts NEIL BARTRAM & BRIAN HILL

We recently had the exciting opportunity to chat with acclaimed composer/lyricist Neil Bartram and writer Brian Hill – the duo behind YPT’s upcoming Canadian premiere of The Adventures of Pinocchio (on the Mainstage Nov. 11, 2019-Jan. 5, 2020)! In this revealing Q&A, we find out where they find inspiration when creating new musicals, what their writing process is like, and how they first got started in music theatre.

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A Blissful Transformation

By Setareh Masoumbeiki

During my time as an Apprentice Resident Artist Educator at YPT, I got to observe many different settings where education takes place. I got to watch many different approaches to teaching and learning. I got to see many different children with diverse backgrounds learning how to interpret the world around them. Through the children’s interpretation, I noticed how eager they were to push their limitations, to widen their perspective.

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Youth Artists for Justice

By Rachel Rhoades

I am thrilled to announce that I have completed my dissertation from a study funded by Young People’s Theatre’s Ada Slaight Drama in Education Award. My deepest gratitude to [YPT Artistic Director] Allen MacInnis, [former Interim Artistic Associate, Education] Lois Adamson, and all of the YPT staff who enabled my research to take place in the most ideal conditions. You allowed the youth unlimited freedom to critique, imagine and express their views of the world in the most welcoming space.

I will be forever grateful that you selected me to receive the Ada Slaight Drama in Education Award and for all of the support and trust you gave me in bringing my research dreams to life.

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“I am  ______ and I _________”

By Claire Rouleau, Performing and Creative Arts Lead at MAX

“I am  ______ and I _________”

The first task, on the first day of Artist Educators Training 2: Creating Engagement at YPT, was to fill in these blanks as a statement of approach. The statement could include why you do what you do, what it is you do, what excites you about it, and how you identify within the work. Despite the excitement of being in a room with so many interesting people to talk to and connect with in the limited 48 hours ahead, our starting point was internal. To come back to what ultimately led us to this training, to a place of wanting to learn more, or be reinvigorated in our practice and pedagogy as artist educators, programmers and administrators.

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