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Audition Technique

By Sammy Schofield, YPT Drama School Volunteer

What are life’s greatest – and even scariest – challenges? Maybe it’s conquering your fear of heights and riding the tallest rollercoaster, or maybe it’s being in the same room as a giant spider! Actors in theatre face many challenges in their work. But before an actor performs in a play they must face the first epic challenge: the audition!

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Existing Out Loud in a Theatre

By Charlie Temmpleton-Smith, YPT Co-op Student

The only place I feel as comfortable as I am on stage is sitting behind a desk in Young People’s Theatre’s office. Being out as a transgender person can often feel like I’m putting myself on display and open to judgement, which is only exacerbated by being a person in the arts. This can cause a great deal of stress, but these are incredibly important aspects of who I am. What makes having a co-op placement here so refreshing is that these are just accepted parts of life.

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God’s Blood, What A Fool

By Mercedes Villanueva MacDonald, YPT Co-op Student

Never in my life have I wanted to be cast as the lead in an unofficial prequel/prelude to Hamlet. These are my thoughts as I stand in the Nathan Cohen Studio at YPT, auditioning for the Drama School’s Senior Ensemble. I’m about to do the monologue I had prepared for them. They gave us around six to seven different monologues to choose from; half male characters and half female. So, after reading through them all I chose a selection from I, Claudia, which turned out to be a great choice because the play we ending up doing became a prelude to Hamlet. Angsty teen meets angsty teen.

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A Play in a Day

By Ben Clement

I started volunteering at YPT’s PA Day – Play in a Day program in January, 2016. During a PA Day program, YPT’s artist educators and volunteers work with a group of children to come up with ideas and put together a short play in five and a half hours. Some of the children know one another, but most are brand new to the program and to YPT. Even though the program is just one day, by working together to build scenes and create stories, the kids always connect with each other and with the talented artist educators. Since that first program, I have volunteered for every PA Day since – a total of 9 programs and 202 participants!

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Meet Olivia!

Our Community Volunteer Manager, Norah O’Donnell, sat down with our newest co-op student, Olivia, to ask her a few questions.

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