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A Month in the Life of an ARAE

By Melissa Murray-Mutch

The following posts are highlights of Melissa Murray-Mutch’s time spent assisting YPT’s Resident Artist Educators (RAEs) as they provided workshops connected to the play We Are All Treaty People at different schools, and facilitated YPT’s PA Day – Play in a Day program. To learn more about YPT’s RAE program, click here.

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Audition Technique

By Sammy Schofield, YPT Drama School Volunteer

What are life’s greatest – and even scariest – challenges? Maybe it’s conquering your fear of heights and riding the tallest rollercoaster, or maybe it’s being in the same room as a giant spider! Actors in theatre face many challenges in their work. But before an actor performs in a play they must face the first epic challenge: the audition!

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We Are All Treaty People – A Forum, featuring Dr. Duke Redbird

treaty people forum

To learn more about We Are All Treaty People, click here.

7th Generation Image Makers at YPT

We are honoured to have 7th Generation Image Makers create a new mural for the YPT lobby! Here is a sneak peek at their work, which illustrates the Seven Grandfathers through their associated clans/animals.

Stay tuned for a more in-depth look at their design concept and painting process.

The Artists: Renae Deneschezhe, Jacob Henry, Taylor Cameron, Deshaun Whyte and Nishina Shapwaykeesic-Loft

Photos by @7thgenerationimagemakers.

Click here for more information on Indigenous learning at YPT.

INDIGENizeUS – Part 6

By Lindy Kinoshameg, YPT Community Engagement Facilitator

About INDIGENizeUS:  During YPT’s 2017/18 Season, the entire staff participated in INDIGENizeUS workshops created by Lindy Kinoshameg and Leslie McCue that focused on Indigenous relations, raising cultural awareness, and exploring individual reconciliation. Learning began around the seven sacred teachings of Respect, Bravery, Humility, Love, Honesty, Wisdom, and Truth. The intention behind the workshop series is to hear stories from Indigenous artists/elders and participate in traditions first-hand. It is our hope that programs such as this will begin building a bridge between nations and help take the first steps toward reconciliation. To read INDIGENizeUS – Part 1, click here.

The grandfather teaching of LOVE is based on viewing your inner-self from the perspective of all teachings, and from the notion that each of us must love ourselves truly. From this, the notion of “loving ourselves before we can love others” came to mind. So we thought this would be the perfect time to reflect on what it truly means to be ‘Canadian’, and to move forward with a deeper understanding of where we come from in terms of what has actually transpired on these lands over the past 150 years and the legacy of colonization that endures.

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