By Lindy Kinoshameg, YPT Community Engagement Facilitator

About INDIGENizeUS:  During YPT’s 2017/18 Season, the entire staff participated in INDIGENizeUS workshops created by Lindy Kinoshameg and Leslie McCue that focused on Indigenous relations, raising cultural awareness, and exploring individual reconciliation. Learning began around the seven sacred teachings of Respect, Bravery, Humility, Love, Honesty, Wisdom, and Truth. The intention behind the workshop series is to hear stories from Indigenous artists/elders and participate in traditions first-hand. It is our hope that programs such as this will begin building a bridge between nations and help take the first steps toward reconciliation. To read INDIGENizeUS – Part 1, click here.

We are crossing the halfway mark of INDIGENizeUS, and we are approaching an impactful and reflective time for me. As well as working at YPT, I am a Prairie Chicken dancer, and have done many dance, and arts facilitation workshops and performances with Leslie McCue across Turtle Island (North America) for over 10 years. Leslie, amongst many things, is a Traditional and Jingle Dress dancer. We always have fun; we work well together; and we have been partners for over 14 years. Leslie has been my guiding light ever since I met her. She is kind-hearted, generous with her spirit and energy, knowledgeable and intuitive. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her and I can’t say enough about her. While I’m the one writing the blog, she has been my collaborative partner throughout the entire process of INDIGENizeUS.

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