Iris Asserlind

Iris headshot

Born and raised in Surrey, British Columbia, Iris Asserlind (they/them) discovered their passion for the arts early on, performing with the EJS School of Fine Arts. They recently graduated from the University of Windsor’s Drama in Education and Community program where they honed their skills in creating diverse, inclusive, rich, and safe spaces for performers of all ages and levels (and also gained an affinity for puppetry and mask work). They are a poet and writer who enjoys sharing the world of spoken word with young people and frequents Toronto slams and open mics. Iris is passionate about representation and belonging, and aims to create theatre that reflects and involves all communities in Toronto and across the country. Iris also has the privilege of being a senior teacher with Children’s Arts Theatre School. They are thrilled and grateful to be a part of the YPT team this year, and cannot wait to bring the joy of theatre to even more young people.