Khadijah Salawu

Khadijah Salawu headshot

Khadijah Salawu is an actor, arts educator, creative producer and DJ. She is a graduate of the Arts York drama program at Unionville High School, and holds a HBA in Drama, Theatre and Performance from the University of Toronto. She is the founder and editor of The African Diaspora Literature and Performance Toolkit, a forthcoming online adaptable list of resources that provides examples about African diasporic literature and performing arts with a focus in African-Canadian creation. It is designed to be used by high school English and drama teachers in their classrooms.

She has served as the Artistic Director and co-founder of FreeUp! – an annual nation-wide youth-led Emancipation Day celebration, wherein the CBC Gem Emancipation Day 2020 Special received a Canadian Screen Award nomination for Best Performing Arts Program at the 9th Canadian Screen Awards.

Khadijah brings her love for imagination and storytelling to young people as an arts educator at Young People’s Theatre, Soulpepper Theatre, St. James Town Community Arts and across the Greater Toronto Area.