Kih Becke

Kih Becke

Kih Becke (she/they) is a Black queer theatre creator, educator, and performer currently based in London, Ontario. Kih began performing at the age of 10, and hasn’t stopped yet! An internationally-trained artist, Kih is a graduate of the Musical Theatre Performance program at St. Clair College, as well as the Performance Acting program at the Atlantic Technological University in Sligo, Ireland. With over 10 years of experience in theatre education, Kih’s work is focused on providing a space for exploring themes of queerness and the feeling of otherness. With a passion for creating a more accessible, inclusive, theatre atmosphere, Kih is very excited to be involved with Young People’s Theatre.  

Q&A with Kih – Summer 2022

What is your favorite part about teaching drama?

My favourite part about teaching drama is watching my students discover just how strong our imaginations can be!  

What is your favorite summer time activity?

My favourite summer time activity is going to the beach and collecting rocks.

If a play was written about you, what would be the central theme?

If a play was written about me I think the central theme would be about discovering how awesome it is to be yourself, that and cats.

What are you looking forward to most about being in person for Summer?

I am looking forward to meeting a whole new group of people who I get to share energy with!