St. Gabriel Catholic School

Before Class:

1. COVID-19 Screening

  • All students will be required to complete the online YPT COVID-19 health screening survey which can be found here:
  • Please note, if a student answers “Yes” to any of the questions in the on-site questionnaire, they will not be allowed to join the class, and will be asked to go home.

2. St. Gabriel Catholic School Sign-In Sheet

All students and parents who come inside the school will be required to sign in. This sign in sheet will be provided at the entrance.

3. Proof of Vaccination

For classes at St. Gabriel’s, due to the Toronto Catholic District School Board’s COVID-19 current policy requirements for permit holders, we will be required to check each student’s proof of vaccination each week, prior to entry of class. Participants will be required to present an official proof of vaccination record and valid government-issued identification, containing the participant’s name and date of birth, for verification by YPT staff.

3. Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Our classes and teachers have been organized into cohorts. Drop-offs and Pick-ups must happen within the 10 minutes prior to and after each class.

  • Our classes and teachers have been organized into cohorts. Drop-offs and Pick-ups must happen within the 10 minutes prior to and after each class. On the first day, it is very important for you to arrive 10 minutes early.
  • After completing the screening, Students will be directed to their classroom. Please maintain 2m distance, and wear masks. Each student will have their temperature checked using a contactless thermometer. Should a temperature register at or above 37.8°C, the student will be allowed to wait/rest for up to ten minutes before having their temperature checked again. If they remain above the acceptable level upon this second check, they will not be allowed to join class. Students are allowed to arrive alone, as long as their caregiver has completed the online COVID-19 screening survey in advance.

During Class:

1. Personal Belongings

All personal belongings should be kept in their personal bag or space. We ask that students do not touch any belongings that are not their own.

2. Illness

We ask that students do not come to class if they are feeling unwell or experiencing new or uncommon symptoms, as outlined in the COVID-19 screening survey. If a student begins to feel ill or exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 during class, they will be moved to the studio waiting area where they can wait until a family member is able to pick them up.

3. Washrooms

Staff, teachers, volunteers, students and parents have access to washrooms at St. Gabriel Catholic School. Everyone is required to wear a mask in the washrooms.

4. Supportive and Fun Class Environment

As with all of our YPT drama classes, we expect all of our participants to support a safe and fun learning environment. We ask that all participants do their best job, and help keep each other safe. We expect everyone to build an inclusive, empathic and respectful space. We encourage everyone to ask questions at any point, if they are not clear about what to do.