Kevin Chiao

Kevin’s 2019/20 classes:
Scarborough | Saturdays: Audition Technique (12PM-2PM)

Kevin Chiao

Kevin is an actor, director and educator. As a theatre educator, Kevin has worked with Canadian newcomers in community organizations, led workshops in group homes and taught hundreds of students in theatres and schools across the city. Kevin is passionate about using drama and theatre to inspire personal growth, creativity and collaboration in various communities. Outside of his work in theatre and acting, Kevin leads mindfulness/meditation groups and is currently doing his Master of Education in Counselling Psychology.

Q&A with Kevin

Name your favourite YPT production:

Under the Stairs.

Describe your favourite Drama School memory:

My favourite drama school memory is when I got to learn different ways of telling stories and then using what I learned to make a show with my friends and peers!

What would the central theme of a play written about you be?

If there was a play written about me, the central themes would be Love and Courage.

As the 2019/20 Season theme is the Seven Ancestral Teachings, what is something you appreciate about Toronto and why?

I appreciate Toronto has different patches and areas of nature throughout the city and the ability to get all the foods from all around the world!