Philip Wiseman

Philip’s 2019/20 classes:
Downtown | Saturdays: Gr. 5-6 (11:30AM-1PM)

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Philip has been preforming for his whole life. As a child, Philip put on shows in the kitchen for his mother. Eventually, he experienced the thrill of being on stage in front of an audience in his first performance, Fiddler on the Roof, in which he played Motel. Since then he has attended arts schools, performed in many plays and musicals and trained in clown, improv, Meisner and character work, both locally and internationally. Philip feels blessed to have the opportunity to now teach some of the lessons he has learnt over the years here at YPT.

Q&A with Philip

Name your favourite YPT production:

Jacob Two-Two.

Describe your favourite Drama School memory:

I loved the thrill of presenting what I had been working so hard on and feeling the bond of ensemble work.

What would the central theme of a play written about you be?

Progressive growth through adventures.

As the 2019/20 Season theme is the Seven Ancestral Teachings, what is something you appreciate about Toronto and why?

I love how Toronto is a wonderful mix of parks and urban spaces, specifically the magic that is Toronto Island.