COVID-19 Protocols

– FALL 2021 Drama School

As Young People’s Theatre (YPT) prepares to launch a selection of in-person Drama School classes this October, we have implemented a COVID-19 vaccination requirement policy applicable to all Drama School staff, instructors and participants. The policy coincides with the Ontario government’s announcement of its vaccine certificate policy, and is subject to change in keeping with the most up-to-date public health measures.

Vaccination Policy

All staff, instructors, volunteers, and students will be required to be fully vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine consisting of two shots completed at least 14 days prior to participation in a Drama School class.

Proof of Vaccination

Prior to entry on the first day of class, all participants will be required to present an official proof of vaccination record and valid government-issued identification, containing the participant’s name and date of birth, for verification by YPT staff. Examples of valid identification include a government-issued health card or passport with full name and address.

For the safety of our Drama School students, as well as that of our staff and instructors, YPT will not admit any Drama School students who are unable to provide this required documentation.


The only exemptions will be for unvaccinated people with medical exemptions. Individuals with medical exemptions will be required to present certified medical documentation. Caregivers must notify the Drama School by email here by September 30th if a participant has a documented medical exemption, and must present the medical documentation on the first day of class.

Mask-wearing & Distancing Policy

Mask wearing remains mandatory at all times while attending classes. Distancing and capacity reductions remain in place.

YPT’s goal has always been to serve our communities in the safest way possible. We will continue to adjust protocols based on shifting conditions and evolving guidance from governments and public health authorities.

Cohorting Protocol

Students can only register for one Fall in-person class per term.

Need your Ontario COVID-19 Vaccine Receipt?

To download your Vaccine Receipts, please visit

In-Person Class Protocols

The following COVID-19 protocols are specific to RBC WaterPark Place, where in-person classes are being held for Gr. 7-12 in Fall 2021.

Before Class:

1. COVID-19 Screening

All students will be required to complete the online COVID-19 screening survey, which will be emailed to families prior to the start of class.

2. Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Our classes and teachers have been organized into cohorts. Drop-offs and Pick-ups must happen within the 10 minutes prior to and after each class.


Students will be asked to line up in the hallway outside the front doors of the Studio prior to the start of class. Please maintain 2m distance, and wear masks. Each student will have their temperature checked using a contactless thermometer. Should a temperature register at or above 37.8°C, the student will be allowed to wait/rest for up to ten minutes before having their temperature checked again. If they remain above the acceptable level upon this second check, they will not be allowed to join class. Caregivers will be notified by phone/email. Students are allowed to arrive alone, as long as their caregiver has completed the online COVID-19 screening survey in advance.


Students will be required to leave the fitness studio at the end of class and will be asked to wait in the hallway outside the entrance to the studio for their caregivers to pick them up. We ask that families pick-up their children as close to the end of class as possible, and at most within 10 minutes after the end of class.

Students are allowed to leave alone if their caregiver has signed the appropriate permission form.

3. Masks & Hand Hygiene

Each student will be required to wear a mask before entering the building and for the duration of class. If they do not have one, they will be provided with a fresh Level 2 surgical mask before entering the Studio.

Hand washing prior to entering the Studio is encouraged, but each student will at minimum be required to sanitize their hands before entering the studio. Hand sanitizer will be available on-site.

During Class:

1. Masks

Students will be required to wear masks during class. Markers will be taped on the floor to assist with distancing.

2. Class Resources

In an effort to reduce points of shared contact we ask that students bring a pen or pencil and eraser, as well as a notebook to each class. For certain classes, copies of monologues and scenes will be given to students. We ask that students do not share these resources with other students while in class.

3. Illness

We ask that students do not come to class if they are feeling unwell or experiencing new or uncommon symptoms outlined in the COVID-19 screening survey. If a student begins to feel ill or exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 during class they will be moved to the studio waiting area where they can wait until a family member is able to pick them up.

4. Washrooms

Staff, teachers, volunteers and students have access to the washrooms in the fitness studio. Everyone is required to wear a mask in the washrooms. Parents are requested to use the additional public washrooms located across the hallway from the Athletics Studio, as well as near the food court.