Sharon Heldt

Sharon Heldt b&w

Sharon began her diverse acting career 34 years ago in music and classical theatre, film, television and commercials. A teacher with over 24 years of experience, Sharon holds teaching credits with numerous leading arts organizations, particularly at Etobicoke School of the Arts (ESA) where she has directed their musical productions for the last four years. This year she will be directing Fiddler on the Roof at ESA. Sharon has also coached many young hopefuls to succeed in entering various arts schools: ESA, Cawthra, Cardinal Carter & Sir Father Redmond, Wexford and Claude Watson Arts Program. Sharon established and is the Artistic Director of ACTING OUT! Kids Theatre,  a thriving children’s company in Roncesvalles Village. Special thanks to the entire YPT Drama School for their unending support!

Q&A with Sharon

Name your favourite YPT production:

Hana’s Suitcase.

Describe your favourite Drama School memory:

Any time a student takes a leap and trusts themselves in the moment.

What would the central theme of a play written about you be?

Dancing and not caring who is watching.