How Online Classes Work

Led by our experienced faculty of professional artist educators, we’re offering online classes for JK-Gr. 12 both on weekends and after-school. Specialty classes include Audition Technique, Online Content Creation, Shakespeare Monologues, Writers’ Bloc, Actor’s Craft and more! We also offer March Break and Summer Drama Camps. We can’t wait to see returning students, and to welcome new students – wherever you are – to our classes!

Sneak Peek:

Class Requirements:

  • We ask that a parent or caregiver is nearby, in the event a participant requires technical support. In the case of our JK – Gr. 4 students, we ask that a parent or caregiver is either present, or very nearby to assist with the student’s engagement or to provide support during the class.
  • Below are some technical requirements needed for the best success of each participant:
    • A stationary camera and screen, such as a computer, laptop, iPad or tablet
    • Stable internet that allows for extended video calls
    • PLEASE NOTE: Cell phones cannot be used to participate in class
    • A microphone, which could be a headset or part of the computer.
  • An adequate space that allows for movement free of physical hazards within the frame of the camera

For information on how to register, click here.