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The following online class is held on Saturdays beginning Apr. 17, 2021. Register today!

Please note: Spring registration will be open until the second class! If a class has already begun, please email for more information.

Class Requirements:

  • We ask that a parent or caregiver is nearby, in the event a participant requires technical support. In the case of our JK – Gr. 4 students, we ask that a parent or caregiver is either present, or very nearby to assist with the student’s engagement or to provide support during the class.
  • Below are some technical requirements needed for the best success of each participant:
    • A stationary camera and screen, such as a computer, laptop, iPad or tablet
    • Stable internet that allows for extended video calls
    • PLEASE NOTE: Cell phones cannot be used to participate in class
    • A microphone, which could be a headset or part of the computer.
  • An adequate space that allows for movement free of physical hazards within the frame of the camera


Who Says We Can’t Have Drama Club!
(Gr. 9 – 12)

Are you sick of being online – divided and cut off from after-school teams and activities? Can any fun be had on Zoom? YPT’s online drama classes may be what you need. Whether you are interested in performing or writing – we rant, riff, improvise, collaborate and laugh while teasing out all the fun – and drama – that can be had in every activity. YPT Drama School online – definitely NOT boring. (120 minutes).

Who Says We Can’t Have Drama Club! (Gr. 9-12)
(as of Apr. 1)
(Apr. 17 – June 12)
12PM – 2PM$288Erica May-WoodBest Availability

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