Summer Drama Camp

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July 4 August 25
YPT 161 Studios
Entering SK – Grade 12


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We are so excited to make theatre with you this summer!

Summer camp is all about playing drama games, making new friends, having fun, and creating a show that will be performed on a YPT stage! Camps will take place July 4 August 25 at YPT 161 Studios our brand new facilities just across the road from the theatre on Front Street. Brand new camps include Clown and Physical TheatrePlaywriting for Teens, and the return of Spoken Word and Musical Theatre! Plus, we’re offering After-Camp Fun for all grades. See details below.

Please Note: For our 2023 Summer Camps, students, staff, volunteers, and faculty are welcomed and supported in their choice to wear a protective mask (or not) while indoors at YPT. Learn more here.

YPT 161 Studios (161 Frederick St.)

Exterior of YPT 161 Studios on Frederick St.


Additional Camper Services:

Offered from 3:30PM to 5:00PM for all grades.
$100 for 10-day sessions, $50 for 5-day sessions.
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In our Summer Drama Camps students will:

  • Develop acting, improv and character creation skills
  • Work collaboratively with their peers to foster teamwork, confidence and trust
  • Make friends and build community with students their age
  • Develop their theatrical thinking by working with their peers and professional artist educators to develop a show that represents their ideas and interests
  • Perform a show they created on a YPT stage!
  • Play drama games, laugh with new friends – and have fun!

Entering SK

SK camp

Entering SK
Entering SKJuly 17-219:00-3:30PMYPT 161 Studios$360TBDOnly 2 Spots Left!


Entering SK – Grade 2

Drama School students

Entering SK – Gr. 2
Entering SK – Gr. 2Aug. 21-259:00-3:30PMYPT 161 Studios$360TBDOnly 2 Spots Left!


Entering Grade 1-2

drama school students

Entering Gr. 1-2
Entering Gr. 1-2July 24-289AM-3:30PMYPT 161 Studios$360Sharon HeldtGood


Entering Grade 3-5

drama school students

Entering Gr. 3-5
Entering Gr. 3-5 (A)July 4-149AM-3:30PMYPT 161 Studios$695TBDGood
Entering Gr. 3-5 (B)Aug. 14-259AM-3:30PMYPT 161 Studios$695TBDBest Availability


Entering Grade 6-8

playwriting for teens

Entering Gr. 6-8
Entering Gr. 6-8 (A)July 4-149AM-3:30PMYPT 161 Studios$695TBDGood
Entering Gr. 6-8 (B)July 31-Aug. 119AM-3:30PMYPT 161 Studios$695Sharon HeldtBest Availability


NEW! Clown and Physical Theatre (Entering Gr. 5 – 7)

intro to clown

At Clown and Physical Theatre Camp students will:

  • Learn the basics of clowning and physical theatre
  • Develop their movement and comedy skills
  • Learn the importance of play through clowning games and activities
  • Develop confidence and risk-taking ability
  • Perform a Clown Turn (Clown Show) for friends and family on a YPT stage!
Clown and Physical Theatre (Entering Gr. 5-7)
Clown and Physical Theatre (Entering Gr. 5-7)July 17-219AM-3:30PMYPT 161 Studios$360TBDBest Availability


Spoken Word (Entering Gr. 6-8)

spoken word camp

At Spoken Word Camp students will…

  • Refine their creative writing and poetry skills
  • Write, perform and workshop new material
  • Develop their performance skills and confidence
  • Work collaboratively with their peers to critique and enhance each other’s work
  • Perform new work for friends and family on a YPT stage!
Spoken Word (Entering Gr. 6-8)
Spoken Word (Entering Gr. 6-8)July 24-289AM-3:30PMYPT 161 Studios$360TBDBest Availability


Playwriting for Teens (Entering Gr. 7-12)

playwriting for teens

At Playwriting for Teens Camp students will…

  • Experience a condensed and exciting version of our Fall and Winter Playwriting for Teens class
  • Gain new skills in writing, editing and critiquing
  • Write and refine their writing alongside a professional playwright
  • Work collaboratively with other passionate playwriting students
  • Present written work to friends and family at the end of the week!
Playwriting for Teens (Entering Gr. 7-12)
Playwriting for Teens (Entering Gr. 7-12)Aug. 14-189AM-3:30PMYPT 161 Studios$360Robbie HuebnerBest Availability


Musical Theatre (Entering Gr. 6-9)

musical theatre camp

At Musical Theatre Camp students will…

  • Refine their singing, dancing and acting skills
  • Collaboratively create a musical theatre show based on their interests and experiences
  • Explore their ability as a choreographer, director and musician
  • Perform a musical theatre show for friends and family on a YPT stage!
Musical Theatre (Entering Gr. 6-9)
Musical Theatre (Entering Gr. 6-9)July 31-Aug. 119AM-3:30PMYPT 161 Studios$695Kristen ZazaBest Availability

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