Online Testimonials

Here’s what parents and students are saying!

“I signed my daughter up for the JK-Grade 1 online class and I can hear her jumping around and giggling downstairs. She was SO excited this morning. She loves dancing and performing and so this was right up her alley. Even though it’s 30 minutes it gives Mommy and Daddy a nice little break ;).”
– Parent 

“My daughter is currently in your Saturday afternoon program with Sam Megarry. It has been her lifeline this winter, and this week, she has repeatedly burst into tears over the idea that there are only two Saturdays left. She is normally a sensitive, high-anxiety kid who easily feels overwhelmed, but Sam has made her feel welcome, part of a supportive group, and HAPPY — SOOOOO HAAAAPPY!”
– Kathleen, Parent 

“I say a huge thank you to all of you at YPT. Although [my grandson] told me before the camp started that he was ‘too shy’ and didn’t want people to see or hear him, he soon proved himself ‘wrong’ thanks to the talent and enthusiasm you all brought to the screen. Also don’t underestimate the fun I had watching him participate!”
– Grandparent

“My child had no drama experience before, but she really enjoys the class. So far this is the virtual class that gives the BEST ONLINE LEARNING EXPERIENCE. I appreciate the effort you put in this class. Looking forward to seeing more exciting classes!”
– Parent

“[My grandson] expressed his ENTHUSIASM and GENUINE ENJOYMENT of the class. I would like to thank you and the entire YPT staff who are working so hard through all the challenges to creatively engage young people during this difficult and challenging time.”
– Maya, Grandmother 

“TRULY GREAT drama classes! My son really enjoys it!”
– Masha, Parent

– Charlotte, Student

“AMAZING team. AMAZING experience.
The online Drama Camp was THE BEST.”
– Andrea, Parent

“This class was REALLY FUN
It was a great way to CONNECT WITH OTHERS.”
– Vera, Student

John with class

“I was skeptical about how effective a virtual drama camp could be but I was wrong!
My child was ENGAGED AND HAPPIER than he has been all summer.”
– Parent

“I was so impressed with the entire YPT organization for running such a well ORGANIZED, PROFESSIONAL, and INNOVATIVE drama camp – all kids can benefit from the dramatic exercises and collaboration in one form or another – thank you!!”
– Julie K., Parent

“This was THE MOST FUN my daughter had this summer!”
– Parent

“I had AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE doing the classes and I would like to do them again!”
– Jaimee S., Student

“Going to summer camp at YPT
– Izzy, Student

junior ensemble

“YPT camp was very enjoyable and it was clear that the teacher enjoyed teaching the class as much as the kids enjoyed learning!”
– Parent

“I made some NEW FRIENDS!”
– Student

“My 11-year-old daughter really enjoyed the online summer camp. She enjoyed having the freedom (and responsibility) to create the story for the end-of-session performance with her classmates, and she felt that the drama exercises really stretched her out of her shell. The first couple of days were tough and uncomfortable for her, but she stuck with it, and at the end of the two weeks, she was really sad to say goodbye to her classmates.

THEY BUILT VERY STRONG BONDS, even in the online format. 
The ultimate proof that THIS WAS A GREAT EXPERIENCE —
My daughter has asked me to register her for autumn Drama Class.  THANK YOU YPT!! “
– Elaine C., Parent

“Our daughter loved this camp. Thank you so much for bringing the creativity out of her!!!
– Parent

I LOVED THE WAY YOU ADAPTED ONLINE TOOLS to make them work for drama activities and performances. Much thought must have gone into the Zoom set up and how to teach the children how to use it to perform. Our daughter was REALLY EXCITED about the performance and found the camp VERY ENGAGING.”
– Parent